Covid-19 Policy - Sunnyside Maples - Sunnyside Maples
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Covid-19 Policies

As we open for the season, we are trying to minimize the risk of COVID-19 to all of us and would appreciate your help. 
We are implementing contract tracing and will be enforcing masks and distancing as best we can while in the building. We need to be especially diligent here about controlling the risk as we have a very small staff. We cannot afford to have someone come into the building and infect us or our family.
In addition to the physical risk to each of us, we have the additional risk of having to shut down operations which won’t be good for us or you. It will take all of us to make sure the guidelines are enforced, so please be respectful and be sure you are wearing your mask and staying at least 6 feet apart.
Thank you!
The Moore Family